Synology NAS Quick Setup

Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) Quick Start Guide. Get up and running in a few minutes 🙂

// MENU //
00:00 ▶️ Introduction
00:37 ▶️ Jump to Unboxing and Setup
00:50 ▶️ Cons of portable hard drives
01:32 ▶️ Importance of Network Attached Storage (NAS)
02:09 ▶️ Synology NAS
03:06 ▶️ The Synology NAS DS220+ Unboxing and hard drive installation
05:52 ▶️ DS220+ setup
07:32 ▶️ Pros of using a NAS
08:25 ▶️ DS220+ setup (continued)
12:38 ▶️ RAID calculator
13:04 ▶️ DS220+ setup (continued)
15:38 ▶️ Connecting File Explorer to the NAS
18:19 ▶️ Available applications
19:25 ▶️ Conclusion

// Synology Calculators and Tools //
Synology RAID Calculator:
Synology RAID explained:
Compatibility list:

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