Your router has been online for how long!!!??

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Cisco is deeply concerned by an increase in the rate of high-sophistication attacks on network infrastructure — that we have observed and have seen corroborated by numerous reports issued by various intelligence organizations — indicating state-sponsored actors are targeting routers and firewalls globally.

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00:00 Coming up
00:48 Intro
02:06 Importance of Patching
04:55 Targeting of Networks
08:00 Why People are Unprepared
09:26 SNMP
10:40 Laziness vs Ignorance and Other Reasons
12:27 Secure by Design
14:30 Management Protocols
16:30 Cisco Innovation
17:50 Attacks on Cisco and other Tech
21:00 How to Protect Yourself
26:00 Remote Connection
29:13 Actions and Tools
32:00 Solar Winds
33:25 Being Diligent, Not Panicking
35:22 Why Does This Matter Now?
38:58 Industry and Government Security
40:30 Patching is Important
41:13 Auto Update
44:00 Outro

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