They’re watching you 😱 Protect your online PRIVACY!

Is it possible to have Privacy in 2024? I ask Andy Yen (CEO of Proton) this and other very important questions about being anonymous and private on the Internet in 2024.

// Books Mentioned //
Extreme Privacy: What it takes to disappear by Michael Bazzell:
Linux Basics for Hackers by Occupy the Web:
How to Hack like a Ghost by Sparc Flow:
If it’s smart, it’s vulnerable by Mikko Hypponen:

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// MENU //
00:00 – Coming up
00:45 – Andy Yen, CEO of Proton // How Proton started
03:52 – Recommended books
04:31 – Is it possible to have privacy in 2024?
07:36 – Privacy vs Anonymity
09:39 – “Privacy is a human need”
10:41 – How to be more private
11:53 – Google’s business model
13:45 – How to be more private (continued)
15:20 – How Apple uses your data
16:51 – The Proton and French activist case
20:52 – Proton Mail’s encryption explained
23:14 – The Proton and French activist case (continued)
25:48 – The UK Online Safety Act explained
32:15 – How Proton’s public keys work
36:51 – No logs on Proton VPN
38:41 – Switzerland and their privacy laws
40:25 – TOR vs VPN
43:32 – Proton’s ecosystem
45:20 – Proton Pass and Proton Sentinel // Leaked passwords
52:42 – Basics on how to get privacy in 2024
57:02 – Advanced ways to get privacy
01:03:13 – Recommended messaging apps
01:06:19 – The worry of A.I. in 2024
01:07:58 – Why encryption in email is needed // SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) explained
01:11:12 – Proton vs Google
01:13:28 – Conclusion

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