Next Gen Hacker?

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Time waits for no one … don’t wait… start your journey today. Gavin shows us that being young is no barrier to entry. No matter how old or young you are, start learning today and change all your tomorrows.

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00:00 – Coming Up
00:40 – Sponsored Section
01:35 – Intro
01:41 – Gavin’s Backstory
03:56 – Bug Bounty
08:16 – How Gavin Learned Hacking
11:47 – Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR)
14:21 – HackerOne
14:58 – IDOR Example
18:11 – Informantion Disclosure
19:01 – Business Logic Errors
21:50 – The Race Condition
22:34 – Gavin’s Advise for the Youth
24:47 – Gavin’s Learning Process
26:54 – Favourite Payloads
29:14 – Gavin’s Journey
34:42 – What Can the Next Genereation Offer?
36:44 – Can A.I Help Write Reports?
39:19 – Last Advice
42:02 – Conclusion
42:38 – Outro

// Detailed Timestamps //
00:01 – The discussion opens with thoughts on how the world has evolved, offering new career paths like gaming and
hacking, especially for the younger generation.
01:09 – Proton VPN sponsored segment.
02:07 – Gavin recounts his early hacking endeavours and the support he received from his school’s computer lab teacher.
03:01 – Gavin talks about his first major security discovery and the financial reward he received for it.
03:49 – Gavin’s journey into bug bounties is highlighted, marked by self-learning through YouTube and hands-on practice,
bypassing formal courses.
04:39 – Talk about the financial benefits of bug bounties for young hackers and how Gavin profited from this avenue.
05:02 – Gavin recalls discovering a security flaw in high school and the $1000 bounty he earned from it.
08:05 – Gavin talks about his interests in cybersecurity beyond hacking, including collaboration with Jakoby on bad USB
09:49 – Gavin provides examples of vulnerabilities he explored, like IDORs and business logic errors, and shares hunting
11:58 – Gavin demonstrates a vulnerability in a calculator site, revealing personal information access.
12:08 – Discussion on business logic errors in cybersecurity, with Gavin sharing his experiences and tips for
identifying and exploiting these issues.
13:17 – Gavin explains how he found a bug in a trading platform simulation, leading to an infinite virtual money gain.
14:27 – Gavin describes exploiting a race condition in a team management platform to bypass member limits.
16:14 – The discussion shifts to networking in cybersecurity, and Gavin highlights the role of platforms like Discord
and Twitter.
17:45 – Gavin credits Cosmodium and Jakoby for aiding his cybersecurity journey and stresses networking’s importance.
19:08 – Gavin discusses using AI tools like ChatGPT to improve bug reporting and communication skills.
21:37 – Conversation about career evolution, the significance of following one’s passion and skills.
22:06 – Gavin talks about his learning and networking approach, along with active participation in the cybersecurity
26:41 – Gavin discusses the advantages his generation has with technology familiarity and the challenges of being young
in cybersecurity.
27:27 – He reflects on his experiences and the importance of effective communication in gaining respect.
28:08 – Gavin expresses gratitude towards his parents and advises the younger generation to follow their passions.
28:50 – He talks about the significance of networking and building connections in the industry.
29:32 – Discussion about Gavin’s strategy for connecting with established figures in cybersecurity.
30:10 – Gavin reflects on overcoming age-related barriers in the industry through skill demonstration and dedication.
31:33 – Gavin speaks about the benefits of being raised in a tech-rich era and the need to blend traditional and modern
learning methods.
32:16 – He acknowledges his parents’ role in his journey and the importance of supportive family environments.
33:44 – Gavin advises young cybersecurity enthusiasts to persist, learn continuously, and embrace practical experiences.
35:10 – The interview concludes with Gavin expressing optimism about the future of cybersecurity and encouraging
exploration in the field.

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  • David Bombal