Linux for Hackers Python pip, Git, Apt NEW Tools Install with OTW! (Episode 4)

You need to learn Linux. I’ve said this for a very long time. Occupy The Web says the same thing – if you want to learn hacking, you need to lean Linux. This is a fundamental skill.

This is episode 4 of the series.
Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:

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// MENU //
00:00 – Coming up
00:19 – Intro
02:03 – Chapter 4 Adding and removing software
02:56 – Package Manager
03:33 – Red hat
04:35 – Downloading repository
05:48 – Installing snort
06:43 – Adding other repositories
08:29 – What happens when adding repositories
09:32 – Risk of putting any repositories
10:37 – Installing bluez
11:43 – Removing software
12:11 – Removing all traces of software
12:30 – How to update your packages
14:00 – VM WARE is little better than Virtual box
14:50 – A Gui based package to download new software
15:27 – Synaptic package manager
17:39 – Learning CLI
19:14 – Other ways to get software
20:54 – A python package manager
22:31 – Shodan searches
24:43 – Other tools not installed by default
25:55 – More tutorials in future
26:23 – Where to reach out to learn more
27:26 – Outro

// Detailed outline of topics //
00:00:00: Introduction to Cybersecurity and Hacking
00:00:04: Discussing New Tools and Repositories
00:00:31: Overview of Linux Basics for Hackers Book
00:00:39: Adding and Removing Software
00:02:50: Introduction to Package Managers in Linux
00:03:27: Understanding Debian, Ubuntu, and Kali Package Managers
00:04:29: Exploring Software Packages and Installation with apt
00:05:47: Installing and Managing Software like Snort
00:06:38: Adding Repositories and Managing Dependencies
00:07:05: Using Kali Repositories for Specific Tools
00:07:13: Accessing Administration Tools in Different Repositories
00:07:24: Editing Repository Configuration Files
00:07:55: Adding Debian, Kali, and Parrot Repositories
00:08:20: Repository Priority and Search Order
00:10:33: Installing and Managing Bluetooth Management Software (BlueEZ)
00:11:47: Removing and Purging Software Packages
00:12:32: Updating Package Lists with apt
00:13:43: Upgrading Packages and Managing System Space
00:13:56: Comparison Between VMware and VirtualBox
00:14:48: Introduction to GUI-Based Package Management (Synaptic)
00:15:01: Installing Synaptic for GUI-Based Software Installation
00:15:27: Demonstrating Synaptic Package Manager
00:15:45: Using Synaptic to Search and Install Bluetooth Packages
00:15:58: Exploring MySQL Packages in Synaptic
00:16:14: Discussion on MySQL and MariaDB
00:16:54: Using Synaptic for Selecting and Installing Software
00:17:49: Everyone starts from zero in Cybersecurity
00:19:28: Downloading Software from GitHub with Git Clone
00:19:53: Using GitHub to Access Bluetooth Hacking Tools
00:20:42: Explaining the Use of Perl Scripts in Bluetooth Hacking
00:20:55: Introducing PIP, the Python Package Manager
00:21:31: Installing Python 3 Package Manager with PIP 3
00:21:57: Using PIP 3 to Install Shodan for Command Line Operations
00:22:34: Demonstrating Shodan Command Line Interface
00:24:18: Exploring Shodan Search Commands for Specific Countries
00:24:51: Introduction to Ruby’s Package Manager, Gem
00:25:13: Installing Tools with Gem
00:25:39: Overview of Different Software Installation Methods in Kali
00:25:59: Encouraging New Learners in Cybersecurity

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