Is your phone at risk? Flipper Zero vs Phone!

I demonstrate how to attack iPhones using a Flipper Zero and the Xtreme flipper firmware. There is an issue in iOS 17 that allows a Flipper to crash an iPhone. You probably want to disable bluetooth on your phone unless you are using it. Bluetooth can be nice, but can also cause issues.

Disclaimer: Only attack networks and devices that you own or have permission to attack. I have purchased own all the equipment in this video and I gave myself permission to attack my own devices.

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// MENU //
00:00 What this can do!
00:23 Flipper Zero
00:44 Demonstration
00:50 Lockup Crash
02:02 Random Action
02:35 Phone crash
02:49 Random Pair
03:10 Solution
03:40 Flipper Zero Xtreme
04:25 Download and install Flipper Zero Xtreme
05:16 Demo after a new install
05:43 Apple iOS vs. Xtreme
06:24 Outro

Detailed timestamps:
00:00:00 – Introduction to using FlipperZero with iPhone iOS 17.03.
00:00:23 – Demonstrating FlipperZero with dev version of Xtreme software.
00:00:35 – How to upgrade firmware of FlipperZero for the Xtreme version.
00:00:45 – Demonstration of Bluetooth options on FlipperZero.
00:01:03 – Effects of the attack on iPhones.
00:01:36 – Reasoning why certain iPhones are unaffected.
00:01:55 – Recommendation to disable Bluetooth for security.
00:02:26 – Differences between random spamming vs. crashing.
00:04:29 – How to set up FlipperZero with the Xtreme firmware.
00:06:03 – Closing remarks: Apple’s potential fixes, disabling Bluetooth, and video outro.

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Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only.

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  • David Bombal