Hack like Mr Robot // WiFi, Bluetooth and Scada hacking

Occupy The Web (OTW) explains how hacks shown in the Mr Robot TV Series actually work (and if they are actually realistic). He compares real world WiFi, Bluetooth and Scada hacking vs what is shown in the TV series.

In this video we discuss the hacks in Mr Robot Season 1 Episode 6. Which other episodes or technologies do you want us to cover in future videos? Please comment.

// MENU //
00:00 ▶️ Just By Googling
00:21 ▶️ Welcome Back//OTW
01:13 ▶️ New Series//Hacking with OTW!
01:50 ▶️ Why Mr Robot?
04:47 ▶️ The Hack We\’re Doing//Mr Robot S1E6
06:27 ▶️ Context//Why Elliot Is Doing This Hack
07:58 ▶️ What is a Rubber Ducky?
09:36 ▶️ Attempt_01//What they try in Mr Robot
11:13 ▶️ Real World//Realistic or Not?
12:44 ▶️ Mr Robot Breakdown//Scanning for Devices
13:25 ▶️ WPA2 Cracked in 30 seconds?
13:41 ▶️ How WPA2 is Cracked
14:13 ▶️ Elliot Discovers a Way In
14:53 ▶️ How to Scan Networks With Your Phone
15:27 ▶️ How to Crack a Network Password
16:10 ▶️ Continued//Elliot Discovers a Way In
16:55 ▶️ Start//Doing the Same Hack
17:17 ▶️ hciconfig
17:52 ▶️ What Bluetooth Adapter Do You Need?
18:26 ▶️ Using Bluetooth Adapter in a VM
19:03 ▶️ Continued//hciconfig
19:43 ▶️ hciconfig in Mr Robot
19:56 ▶️ Next Step//hcitool
21:00 ▶️ Comment!//Should We Do All the Hacks in Mr Robot?
21:53 ▶️ Next Step//hcitool inq
22:03 ▶️ Bluetooth Device Classes
23:18 ▶️ MultiBlue in Mr Robot//What It Does
24:25 ▶️ Next Step//Spooftooph
26:41 ▶️ VMs & Newer Bluetooth Versions//Potential Problems
28:13 ▶️ Summary//Spoofing in Mr Robot
29:20 ▶️ IRL//How This Would Actually Be Done
29:29 ▶️ PLC Block Diagram
29:36 ▶️ Siemens PLC Used for Prison Systems
30:00 ▶️ Typical Prison Design
30:36 ▶️ Prison Door System Schematic
31:16 ▶️ Explained//Ladder Logic
32:46 ▶️ Mr Robot//What is Unrealistic
34:10 ▶️ Finding SCADA Systems//Too Awesome for YouTube
36:34 ▶️ How Vulnerable Are SCADA Systems?
38:54 ▶️ Where to Learn How to Hack SCADA Systems
40:40 ▶️ Learn for Free at Hackers-Arise or Sign Up For Courses
41:23 ▶️ Comment!//What Videos Would You Like to See?
42:50 ▶️ Future Videos with OTW on Mr Robot!
44:32 ▶️ Software Defined Radio for Hackers?
45:00 ▶️ Thank You, OTW!

// Devices used in video //
Hak5 Rubber Ducky: https://davidbombal.wiki/gethak5
Panda Bluetooth 4.0 USB Nano Adapter : https://amzn.to/3NlSlbQ
MultiBlue Dongle USB Bluetooth V3.0 HiD: Not available unfortunately.

// Previous videos //
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OTW Hacking Scada: https://youtu.be/uXbGQiXsRes
OTW Hacking CCTV: https://youtu.be/ZGCScbV7vSA

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SCADA Hacking: The Key Differences between Security of SCADA and Traditional IT systems

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