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Do you agree with Dr Chuck? That this is the most important programming language you need to learn, and the language you shouldn’t use in the real world (in most cases). You need to learn C if you’re serious about becoming a senior developer.

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00:00 – Coming up
00:48 – The most important programming language
03:25 – The successor to C
04:44 – Dr. Chuck’s free C course // C Programming for Everybody
09:07 – What should be your first programming language // Python for Everybody
10:45 – Object Orient Programming
14:32 – “Stealing” The C Programming Language book // Interview with Brian Kernighan
19:30 – The history of C and C++
25:29 – The history of Python
26:58 – The path to becoming a master programmer
30:15 – Dr. Chuck’s next course // Hardware for Everybody
32:29 – Free and available Dr. Chuck courses
36:33 – Where to get started
38:36 – When to use C
39:04 – Which programming language to learn next
41:15 – Learn different programming languages
42:25 – How AI/ChatGPT changes coding
51:20 – ChatGPT vs college essays
54:12 – The future of AI // Is programming still worth it?
57:49 – Visiting students around the world
01:00:22 – Conclusion

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