Computer Science isn’t programming! // How to become a Master Programmer // Featuring Dr Chuck

Is computer science the path to become a master programmer? Dr Chuck says there is a better way – and you can get it for free! He also shares his vision on how to become a master programmer – this also includes mentorship.

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00:00 ▶️ Introduction
01:30 ▶️ Cisco Certs as the Standard and Why Programming Doesn\’t Have an Equivalent
04:33 ▶️ Computer Science As the Way to Get Into Programming
09:37 ▶️ Computer Science Doesn\’t Make You a Master Programmer
11:25 ▶️ Why The System is Broken
14:20 ▶️ The Role of Universities in the Future of Education
22:08 ▶️ The First Half of the Path to Master Programmer
24:00 ▶️ The Second Half of the Path to Master Programmer
26:26 ▶️ What Is a Master Programmer?
31:36 ▶️ David and Dr Chuck\’s Experiences with Programming Courses at University
36:32 ▶️ Brief Overview of the Origin of Computer Science and What Went Wrong
44:02 ▶️ When Dr Chuck Teaches Recursion
44:56 ▶️ But Doesn\’t the System Actually Work? Just look at Google and Facebook
45:38 ▶️ The Idea for Google Wasn\’t Good Enough for a PhD
48:47 ▶️ How to Fix the System
50:43 ▶️ The Last Nut to Crack
54:22 ▶️ Open Source\’s Role
56:44 ▶️ You Can\’t Apply Until You Have Run the Gauntlet
1:00:34 ▶️ You Can Start Now
1:01:08 ▶️ The Value of Mentors
1:04:15 ▶️ The Problem with Online Platforms
1:05:37 ▶️ Why Cisco is the Standard in Networking
1:08:15 ▶️ Every Course Dr Chuck Teaches Requires Him to Write Code
1:09:29 ▶️ Quick Summary for the Plan for the Master Programmer
1:11:53 ▶️ What\’s the Cost Going to Be?
1:15:09 ▶️ Education Is For Everybody, Not Just the Rich
1:16:36 ▶️ Final Thoughts
1:18:33 ▶️ Thanks, Dr Chuck!

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