AI superpowered networks? (NVIDIA and Cisco join forces)

A Powerful Partnership: Cisco, with its industry-leading expertise in Ethernet networking and extensive partner ecosystem, together with NVIDIA, the inventor of the GPU that fuelled the AI boom, share a vision and commitment to help customers navigate the transitions for AI with highly secure Ethernet-based infrastructure.

“AI is fundamentally changing how we work and live, and history has shown that a shift of this magnitude is going to require enterprises to rethink and re-architect their infrastructures,” said Chuck Robbins, Chair and CEO, Cisco. “Strengthening our great partnership with NVIDIA is going to arm enterprises with the technology and the expertise they need to build, deploy, manage, and secure AI solutions at scale.”

“Companies everywhere are racing to transform their businesses with generative AI,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “Working closely with Cisco, we’re making it easier than ever for enterprises to obtain the infrastructure they need to benefit from AI, the most powerful technology force of our lifetime.”

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00:00 – Coming up
01:00 – Cisco and Nvidia partnership // A.I. in the Cloud
02:47 – Ethernet is the global standard
04:08 – “There’s no A.I. without a network”
05:10 – Nvidia GPUs in other Cisco products
05:58 – Cisco Silicon One
07:53 – Digital Experience Monitoring
09:29 – How Cisco is battling cyber attacks
11:06 – Simplifying interfaces
11:44 – “Cisco is a data company” // A.I. needs data
13:28 – Advice for the next generation // Career paths
17:42 – Conclusion

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