Bug Bounty: Get paid to hack PayPal and TikTok // Featuring Nahamsec

Want to hack companies like PayPal and TikTok? What about the Department of Defense? Lots of companies that you can hack legally – and get paid doing it! This is a practical guide on how to get started hacking today.

// MEMU //
00:00 ▶️ Introduction
00:17 ▶️ Who is Nahamsec?
01:18 ▶️ Different Bug Bounty Platforms
01:40 ▶️ Why Nahamsec Prefers These Platforms
02:34 ▶️ Intigriti Quick Overview
02:58 ▶️ Bugcrowd Quick Overview
03:25 ▶️ Hackerone Quick Overview
04:01 ▶️ What is Bug Bounty?
04:57 ▶️ Non-Monetary Rewards: Nahamsec\’s Red Bull Hack
05:57 ▶️ The Lyft, Snapchat and Undisclosed Travel Company Hack
07:02 ▶️ Interface Walkthrough
08:45 ▶️ Scope
10:18 ▶️ Top Hacker Profiles on Bug Bounty Programmes
11:04 ▶️ Profile Hacktivity Feed
13:54 ▶️ Using the site wide hacktivity feed to learn from previous bug bounties
15:31 ▶️ Getting Started: hacker101
17:24 ▶️ Getting Started: hackerone
20:58 ▶️ Submitting/Writing a Report
29:23 ▶️ Report Terminology
31:06 ▶️ How to Find a Company\’s Websites
33:05 ▶️ Nahamsec\’s Approach: Certificate Transparency
36:30 ▶️ Why NahamSec Prefers Dev Sites
38:05 ▶️ How to Find a Website\’s SSL Certificate
41:21 ▶️ Targeting a Company\’ Main Website vs Targeting Subdomains
42:25 ▶️ Researching a Company\’s Assets
43:43 ▶️ If You\’re New to the Bug Bounty Thing
47:40 ▶️ Ways to Learn
49:18 ▶️ Books to Help You Get Started Hacking
53:49 ▶️ Online Resources to Help You Get Started
55:28 ▶️ Final Advice

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STÖK: https://www.youtube.com/c/STOKfredrik
LiveOverflow: https://www.youtube.com/c/LiveOverflow
Farah Hawa: https://www.youtube.com/c/FarahHawa
InsiderPhD: https://www.youtube.com/c/InsiderPhD
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